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As you can probably guess, this site is currently under-going a bit of a face-lift.

My name is Kevin Barham and I have, historically, built websites, databases and graphics for a variety of select clients.  On occasions I would also promote other peoples products for a commission.  I recently decided that it was about time that I took action on my goals.  I decided that now is the time to create and launch my own products.

From this point forward instead of ‘talking-about’, ‘dreaming-about’ and ‘planning-about’ – I am now just ‘all-about’ taking action!  and you should be too.  Time is precious – I’ll talk more about that soon.

I’m looking forward to sharing my products with you and helping you with reaching your online goals.  I will still promote other people’s products but only if I think they are excellent and of benefit to you.  Nothing but the best here :-)

My first product teaches you ‘How to create a Sales Page, a Squeeze Page and a Full Membership site in under 2 hours using a premium wordpress theme‘.  You can check it out here

All of my products relate to website building, website launching, website graphics & website traffic!  Plus some great things to do with time-management and mind-set.  Believe me, get the mind-set and time-management sorted and you’ve cracked the back of it.

In addition to the types of products I have mentioned I will be sharing free tips, tricks and short-cuts along the way so for now, please enter your details over on the right and I’ll be happy to keep you updated as I introduce new items.

More soon
All the best, Kevin

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